Fanfare for the Common Man

He worked a nine-to-five job, had a wife, two kids and a golden retriever. His name was James. His wife was Anna and their children were Jane and Philip, Anna was enamoured with the idea of royalty.

Every morning he got up at 6:30, brushed his teeth and ambled downstairs to get some coffee. After a breakfast of two eggs sunny side up and three sausage links, he’d rise from the table and head upstairs to wake the kids before hopping in the shower.

At 8:00, he’d wait at the front door for Jane and Philip. Their school was on his way to work and as a favor to Anna, who was headed in the opposite direction, he dropped them off every day.

By 8:15, he was speeding off downtown, away from the school.

He clocked in at exactly 8:57

And was at his desk by 8:59, ready to start the day.

He had lunch at 12:30

And took a call from his wife at 2:35 concerning dinner plans.

At 5:01 he was in the elevator headed to the lobby

And at 5:30, he was in traffic, on his way home.

At 5:42, he turned down a new road to try and get home to his family faster.

At 5:44 he deduced that he was lost.

At 5:47 he decided that he wasn’t in the safest area of town.

And at 5:48, he passed through the path of a stray bullet.

At 6:00 pm sharp, he was declared dead on arrival.


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