Defying the Darkness

by drop
the puddle builds.

It grows
and grows and grows,
until it settles and shimmers
reflecting the light in brilliant rainbows
that glisten across the surface of the liquid.

A single disturbance
echoes across the formerly flat plane.
A twitch of a toe, the jerk of an ankle effecting the surrounding fluid.
A drop rolls across the many facets and angles of the human body,
joining others to form a rivulet of fuel for the growing puddle,
filling it till it nearly pours over unseen edges.

A match is released.

A single ember with so much potential.

It falls
and falls and falls,
growing dim as it approaches the puddle
disguising the whoosh of power its flame will spark.

His screams are silenced,
by the power of the inferno
and the strength of his resolve.
He will not call out for help.
He will not bend to the pain.

Burning he runs.
Defying the darkness.
Refusing to fade
into the black.


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