Post 100

Wow, so I’ve finally gotten here. I can’t believe that I’ve reached this milestone. It’s been nearly a year and 100 posts later I feel like I might have actually accomplished something.

I would like to thank you all, all 58 of you. It’s been wonderful sharing this journey.

As we rocket towards NaNoWriMo ’12, I hope you will all join me in commiserating when November comes around and rejoicing when December arrives.

So, here’s to the next hundred.

Thanks for everything!





4 thoughts on “Post 100

  1. Well done Eva. I’m about to hit 100 too soon but have nowhere near the same number of followers. I’m also doing nano and will look out for you there or come find me. nano = LynneInPborough

    Yes the anticipation’s increasing and knowing december we can rest is inviting. Enjoy and good luck. xx

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