Note after note


“Note after note”


Song is the truth of the world
words of the soul.
In a myriad of color, the brush of the artist,
of the wordsmith, the musician
paints the canvas of life.


A child sings to express,
Listens to learn.
Music flows through,


Oh poets of the world,
composers, singers,
“The rest might not, but I have treasur’d every note,”
Listening to learn, then repeating,
singing to express.


Like a child,
I try to learn,
I try to express
with varying modicums of success.


And yet the adult within wars with the child
Listen to appreciate
not to learn.
Sing to entertain
not to express.


Emotion is gone.
It is simply note after note.
no longer love, sorrow, or pain.


Song is no longer life.




My first attempt at poetry in a long time… The quote is from Whitman’s “Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking.” Thoughts?





Thoughts? Responses? Critiques?

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