Summer Reads

Hello everyone!

I’m off to China in a few days and need book recommendations for my trip. Right now on my kindle, I have a number of books:

  • Hemlock and the Wizard Tower by B. Throwsnaill (A book I’m reading for The Masquerade Crew)
  • Story Engineering by Larry Brooks (I promise that I’ll finally finish this one!)
  • Brood of Bones by A. E. Marling
  • Black Beast by R. S. Guthrie
  • Chaos: Making a New Science by James Gleick
  • China Boys by Nicholas Platt (A truly wonderful book on an oft ignored topic)
  • A Hint of Murder by Lia Fairchild
  • The Secret Piano by Zhu Xiao-Mei
  • Sign of the Times by Susan Buchanan

As well as a collection of romance novels. Now, I’d love to hear your recommendations. If you need me to write a review for your book, let me know and I’ll add it to the list! I’m going to have loads of reading time this summer, so be sure to cash in on that now 🙂


Thoughts? Responses? Critiques?

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