Yet another wonderful piece 🙂 Enjoy!

Bridges Almost Built

Pool blue certificates, hot inked off one of our school’s laser printers, fill the cafeteria tables. The swim-dive teams has so many members that it requires it own two tables. Tennis and wrestling share; both genders of basketball and soccer share. I’ve arrived late, trailing athletes and younger siblings and pepper-question parents, and there is no table left for me, just a fat alphabetized stack of blue cardstock, almost half a ream, the sports certificates for 200 track team members, nearly one-third of the school. There’s a cookie and cake spread in the rear corner, back by the blue chairs where the lunch detentionees chew through their half-hour sentences during school hours, but because it has the pallor of convicts and consequences, the dessert trails remain largely untouched. Acoustics in the cafeteria are wretched. Year after year, the request is made to move the whole production to the auditorium stage…

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