Oooooh! Chilling!

Occultus Scriptis

Another One Word Challenge piece. This word was “Grotesque” and the piece is called “Lessons”

The lesson was well taught.

He regarded his handiwork with pride. The stripe across her back was bright red, the edges turning purple, blood slowly seeping to the surface where the buckle had caught her shoulder. She sobbed, silent terror stifling her cries. He knew the lesson had been learned.

He took a cloth from his trouser pocket, cleaning the leather belt, paying special attention to the blood stained buckle.

Why had he married her? This grotesque, pathetic woman.

He reached for the bottle of beer. Not his preferred choice; it’s bitterness reflected his own as he swigged. “The only one left” She had wailed, She would learn.

The crumpled piece of paper fell from her hand, drifting slowly to the floor at her feet, catching his attention as he returned the bottle to the…

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