How Lean is Your Writing?

Well, for me, it depends on the chapter. Okay, I see you shaking your head wondering what on earth I’m talking about. Let me explain. I discovered this site earlier entitled Writer’s Diet and decided to give its special tool a whirl.

The tool analyses a section of your writing to spit back a handy-dandy chart listing your writing level. The levels range from lean (the best option) to heart attack territory (the worst). The work submitted is split into the categories of verbs, nouns, prepositions, adjectives/adverbs, and a category encompassing it, this, that, and there. There’s also a score portraying the average rating for your entire piece.

For my introduction, I got heart attack territory (YIKES!) so that will be sent back to the editing block. My first chapter, however, got a lean rating… So I guess I’m not consistently one or the other… What sorts of scores are you getting?

(For those interested, this post got a “Needs Toning” Ooops!)


6 thoughts on “How Lean is Your Writing?

  1. Intriguing, and somewhat useful. My concern comes when I think of putting the work of Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, or Ernest Hemingway through this algorithm. Would they be fit or flabby (I think we all know how Hemingway would score). Hmmm…I wonder about Mailer, too.

    • Well, we could always test it out… I enjoyed its analysis because it picked up on things that I needed help with (and also pointed out my inconsistencies…).

      Thanks for stopping by (again :D)

  2. Interesting! I may have to check it out 😉 thanks for sharing…

    I’m sure my favorite classics would be very flabby, Dickens, Austen, Woolf….so you need to be your own final judge….but it has potential to help too…

  3. First, I would like to thank you for showing me this writing tool. Second I would like to say that going on that site is the scariest thing ever. It’s very painful when you see all the colors!!!
    But I’ll definitely be using it.

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