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Between Books

You’ve completed your writing project! What’s next? Whatever it is you’ve written (novel, short story, screenplay, etc.) agents and publishers will tell you, “Next step: Edit, edit, edit. And then edit again!” Let’s explore what editing really entails.

Did you know that there are several different types of editing?  Yep, yep, let’s take a look.

Personal Editing:

  • Edit for Efficiency
    • Read your manuscript specifically for efficiency. Snip the loose threads that do not tie directly into the plot of your story.
  • Edit for Motivation and Clarity
    • Revise the story to ensure a clear understanding of what is at stake, and what the main conflict of the story will be.
  • Edit for Style Cleanup
    • Edit for wobbles in your writing style.
  • Proofread for Tiny Errors
    • Your eyes get accustomed to your writing and tiny errors are missed.
  • Beware of Jargon and Heavy-handed Writing 
    • Simple is…

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