Six Sentence Sunday: Another RotP Excerpt

I thought that this would be a fun way to kick off a week that will (hopefully) be filled with writing. This is from a chapter that I recently completed. It has won the award for most facepalm worthy moment to date in RotP. And yes, I am aware that it is more that 6 sentences… I thought that you might enjoy some backstory too!

The days and weeks following the discovery of Vorck as Master Alexander, and the emotional recovery of James, were fraught with investigations into the true identities of the other teachers led jointly by Master Jonathan and Master Theodore, and James, Cyrus and Juliana by extension as a bond between the students and at least one teacher was now required at all times. A number of masters left when unsavory details of their past were discovered. Unfortunately for some of his students, the trio included, the rather quirky Master Marcus was allowed to stay after an investigation yielded only the fact that he, according to rumors, had a llama farming business on the side that he did not pay taxes on.  As would be expected, this lead to many an interesting conversation.

“A what farm?!” Cyrus stared at Juliana, who had somehow just managed to deliver the news straight faced, incredulously.

“A llama farm.” Juliana replied, struggling to maintain her straight face. Meanwhile, James was somewhere on the floor rolling around among the peals of laughter he was emitting.

“Only Master Marcus would have a llama farming business…” Cyrus trailed off.



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