An Interview with RotP’s Juliana

Eva: Hey everyone! I’ve got a friend of mine here today to answer a couple of questions. So, Juliana, tell us a little something about yourself.

Juliana: Well, I hope I don’t have to tell you much, you should know everything about me already! You wrote me, after all. Laughs.

E: Very true. My followers, however, were not part of that process and I think that they’d like to get to know you a bit better.

J: You make a logical point. Very well. I’m 15, in training to be a Master Mage at the Laydian Academy and I’m an orphan. I’m from the province of Cerroria and my two best friends are Prince Cyrus and James Dasigna.

E: Okay then, thanks for that Juliana. What are somethings you enjoy doing in your spare time?

J:  Stifles a laugh. Spare time? What a novel idea! I’m actually spending most of my time working with my teacher, Master Jonathan, on techniques to get me ahead of my class. I’m also working with James and Master Theodore on my sword fighting (which needs all the help it can get). When I’m not doing anything school related, I hang out with James and Cyrus. We have a number of silly things we do, but often we just hang out, do homework, tell jokes, whatever.

E: Sounds nice! So, you’re in school, and it seems like that’s keeping you rather busy. What do you do to relax?

J: Well, James and Cyrus are great. They totally understand the pressure and they’re there for me whenever I need them. We spend our summers together at the palace with Cyrus’ father, King James. Often our time is spent exploring. Cyrus loves the kitchens, so every excursion requires a snack break. In all honesty, my life has changed drastically since I arrived at the Academy, but it has changed for the better. I have two fantastic friends, wonderful teachers and amazing people who have become my family.

E: I’m glad to hear that. With that, I think I’ll stop you, Juliana. I know that Cyrus and James will have things to add when they have their interviews, so I think it best that we leave something new for them to mention. It was wonderful seeing you outside of Scrivener.

J: Thank you so much, Eva. It was my pleasure!

E: Thanks again. To my wonderful readers, you can look forward to interviews sometime in the future with the other characters mentioned today. I know James has been dying to share his version of events. Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Camp NaNoWriMo!


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