A fantastic piece!

Modern Scheherzade

Ali Baba’s Dream

 – by Brinda Banerjee

Ali Baba’s left eye brow twitched and he sighed in his sleep. Unused to the plush mattress he’d slept badly every day since his wedding a fortnight ago with the lovely Morgianna. Morgianna was the only daughter of one of the city’s prominent merchants and no one had expected Ali Baba could win her hand in marriage.  But Morgianna was as determined as she was beautiful and she had devised a cunning plot to get the Sultan’s blessings for the wedding. With his newly found riches, Ali Baba had suddenly become a suitable prospect in the merchant’s eyes. Now he was the honored son in law in the merchant’s palace, favorite of the Sultan. Feasting on lavish banquets every night and sleeping in the most luxurious chambers. That last one he hated actually. Used to the hard floors of his home, the damn…

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