RotP Excerpt: Arriving in Achnire

An excerpt from the start of the second part of RotP. Enjoy! As always, all material is Copyright 2012 Evangeline Warren.

Achnire was a famed port city. It was not as disreputable as some of the others and all who stayed longer than an hour remarked on its cleanliness. Because of its proximity to the Faelyn Empire, it was both a major trading point and an embarking and disembarking area for transoceanic travel. As a result, the city was constantly filled with different languages, dialects, appearances and customs.

Consequently, the guards did not bat an eye at what appeared to be two youths out exploring the city after having been released from their schools. The only warning they offered was to Felix and his men and it was to “make sure that them boys don’t go making no trouble. We’ve heard that there was a renegade mage on the loose around these parts, so keep ‘em close and keep ‘em safe. There’s no telling what might be lurkin’ in a dark alley way waitin’ to snatch some young’uns.”

It was with that eloquent advice that the party entered the city. Almost immediately, Juliana’s jaw dropped to below her collar. She had never seen so many people in one place! When Landon had escorted her to Laydia they had taken the Inner River into Laydia and then had ridden a few days towards the college. This was the first time she had ever been in a locale with more people than the town that encompassed the Academy.

James, seeing her typical ‘country bumpkin’ reaction, laughed. Wait until you see Alinzar City.

Is it that much bigger? Juliana asked, her eyes growing even wider.

Take the cleanliness of Achnire and make it about fifteen times dirtier, then take the number of languages and dialects that you hear and multiply that by around eighty-seven, give or take a few dialects and finally, take the number of people you see, hear and sense and multiply that by around three hundred. That, my dear friend, is the City of Alinzar in a nutshell.

What do you think? Fair warning, it has yet to be edited,,, So, thoughts? Critiques?


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