A wonderful analysis of the typical high school setting. I think it’s spectacular. How ’bout you?

Bridges Almost Built

Halfway into the room, past the girls gabbing on the claret couch, the argument rises. Two groups that are supposed to stay separate during the detective story brainstorm have slid chairs and huddled into a heated discussion of the recent suspension of a student. Of course they have. It was, in fact, spectacular, public, and loud. One of the pugilists in a rather banal cafeteria altercation had gone ballistic, and required an aide, a public safety officer, and a high school football center to pull him away from his adversary. The chatter was instant and constant: one boy (white) was getting a slap on the wrist, while the other boy (Salvadoran) was getting expelled. On the whole, the rumors were untrue, but true enough in their incompleteness to send the student body into a lather. There were petitions circulating, and a movement to have everyone wear black on Friday. (Nearly…

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