#15tt and North American Wackiness

I am proud to be a North American (most of the time) and generally don’t even react to some of my compatriots sillier antics.

Today, however, as I decided to join the #15tt Challenge, hosted by the wonderful Jocelyn Rish (@JocelynRish), I discovered something that could not be ignored.

The word for today was “nonplus” or in the more common form, “nonplussed.” I had always understood this to mean unperturbed or unruffled. According to my handy-dandy dictionary, however, we North Americans had the audacity to create a whole new definition for this word that is, in fact, in complete opposition to the original sense!

Have you ever had any miscommunications do to language or culture barriers? I’d love to hear your stories! And as a little added incentive (for what it’s worth) the author of the best/funniest story gets a shoutout in my next post.

Until next time!



3 thoughts on “#15tt and North American Wackiness

  1. Thank you so much for the super sweet shout out! I’m so glad you’ve decided to join in with #15tt. And I’ve always gotten nonplussed wrong too – I’m hoping this exercise will help me remember. 🙂

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