Post A to Z Blues

First, it was the post NaNo blues… Now, it’s the post A to Z challenge blues… Not only that, but I’m gearing up for exam season. Hopefully, you’ll all be reaping the benefits of my added stress, a lot of writing with a lot of character death… That or a lot of sickly sweet romance… Any requests for a new plot? I’m thinking about continuing Lightning Storm, but I’m not really feeling it… So, hit me up with any challenge or plot ideas, I’m open to nearly anything!

Also, in other news, I’ll be spending time in China this summer and will hopefully blog about some of my experiences (just don’t expect daily posts as I wont have my laptop). In addition to that, I will be going to Antarctica over New Year’s and will be posting lots of lovely pictures, so you can look forward to that!

Again, let me know in the comments below if you have any ideas! I await your creativity!




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