R is for Random

Credit to 9GAG.com user edvaren

So… I discovered 9GAG… My life no longer exists… Now, in light of the fact that you all know about my Harry Potter obsession, I thought that I should share this wonderfully epic picture, starring your favorite memes, with you…

No offense is intended to the other houses (I am a Gryffindor on Pottermore). I thought it prudent to add that disclaimer…

In other news, I am a highly random person. I’m sure that you’ve discovered by now how eclectic my posts can be…

This A-to-Z challenge has stretched my writing capacity in a number of ways… I’m sure that my English teacher is now quite happy with my analytical writing… Or at least, happier… (I got an A+ on my C is for Conscience post… SCORE!)

As it winds down, I want to thank all of you. It’s extremely exciting to know that there are actually people out there (25 to be exact) who are reading this. Thank you so much!

I’m off now… I’ll get S up and then be all caught up!



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