Q is for Quidditch

I wrote this for a Pottermore forum I’m a member of (Pottermoreforum.net). The task? To narrate a quidditch match from the stats that we announcers were given.

Hello, and welcome to today’s match between Gryffindor and Slytherin! On the left, we have Spinnet, Bell, Johnson, Wood, Weasley, Weasley, and Potter! On the right, Parkinson, Flint, Goyle, Nott, Crabbe, Carrow and Malfoy! Here come’s the ref, and they’re off!
There’s Spinnet with the quaffle, she passes to Johnson, who then tosses it to Bell. Bell passes it back to Spinnent. Oh no! A well aimed bludger from Crabbe hits her! She drops the quaffle and Bell catches it. She aims, shoots and SCORES! Gryffindor 10 Slytherin 0!
Nott takes the quaffle and races down the pitch, oooh! That looks like it hurt, a bludger from one of the Weasley’s just made contact with Nott’s left elbow! He drops the quaffle right into the lap of –
WAIT! Is that the snitch? Malfoy seems to have spotted something and Potter is following behind. I guess not, it seems that Malfoy was simply chasing a rather large bumblebee… Anyways, the game continues.
Parkinson with the quaffle, a quick pass to Flint who rushes down the pitch. Wood hovers in front of his hoops, yikes! A nice bludger hit from Goyle! That leaves his center hoop open, will Flint take the shot? He does! SLYTHERIN SCORES! The two houses are now tied 10 10!
Spinnet heads down towards the Slytherin hoops. She ducks a wild bludger originally headed towards Carrow and takes the slightly distracted keeper by surprise, ignoring another stray bludger from Crabbe. GRYFFINDOR SCORES! It’s now 20 to 10!
Carrow tosses the quaffle to Flint, who tries to pass it on to Parkinson. A beautiful interception from Bell gives her possession of the quaffle. Here she comes! And she SCORES! Gryffindor now leads by 20 points!
Johnson takes the quaffle and races towards Carrow. Ooooh! That looks like it hurt! A bludger from Goyle causes her to drop the quaffle, only to have it scooped up by Parkinson. She tosses it towards the Gryffindor hoops, but a nice save from Wood halts her shot. Score is still 30 to 10 with Gryffindor in the lead.
Flint grabs the quaffle and passes it to Nott, who shoots, and scores! Slytherin is ten points closer to tying with Gryffindor! Before the Gryffindor chasers can take possession, Flint intercepts the quaffle and tosses it through the right hand hoop for a seemingly easy shot! Gryffindor and Slytherin have tied! It is 30 to 30!
Bell takes the quaffle and tosses it to Johnson. Simultaneous bludger hits from Weasley and Weasley leave Carrow writhing in pain and the hoops wide open. And Johnson scores, pulling Gryffindor back into the lead, 40 to 30!
Flint grabs the quaffle from a stunned Carrow and races off. Nott receives the pass and Wood is distracted by their lightning fast passes, ending up in front of the wrong hoop. Nott shoots, scores and ties the score!
Look! I think Malfoy’s spotted the snitch! Weasley and Weasley attempt to hit him with a bludger, to give Potter an edge, but they both miss. Crabbe and Goyle aim for the now leading Potter and Crabbe lands a hit. There we go! Malfoy catches the snitch, Crabbe’s aim saving the game! SLYTHERIN WINS! The final score, 190 to 40. I repeat, Slytherin wins!

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