N is for Normal

Vector version of Image:Color icon purple.png

And for all of you lovely people, today, an excerpt from RotP on being abnormal.

Eventually, after Philip Fallior of Layfiel, Marlon Redfire of Wundug and Edward Quentin of Theridan, it was the other boy’s turn and Juliana finally had a name for him. “Hi everybody, I’m James Dasigna. I live in Alinzar with my father and his men and my favorite color is purple.” At this, some of the boys openly laughed. Comments of how ‘girly’ that color was leaked out and Juliana was surprised to see James laugh too. “You think purple is girly?” He asked. “Do you want to tell that to the king? He wears purple all the time!” At this the other boys shut up.

What defines normal for you? Are you afraid to be abnormal?



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