G is for God

Religion has always been, and always will be, a difficult topic. There are always outliers to any mainstream religion and always nutcases no matter the deity. On the night before Easter, I invariable reflect on the teachings of Christianity and the wide spectrum of ways to interpret them.

When creating a new universe, something that is part of any story-writing process, a writer always runs into the issue of religion. What is the dominant religion? What is the religious allegiance of the MC? Does religion play a role at all?

For me, these questions are often the most difficult part of world building. Generally, I just avoid them… In fact, in RotP, I came up with quite the convenient excuse:

The custom of godparents was one that Juliana was familiar with. Although there was no longer a set or prominent religion in Alinzar, power and money was now held in high regard, this custom, along with those surrounding birth, marriage and death, still carried vestiges of their original form.

Do you ever have this issue? How do you solve it?


5 thoughts on “G is for God

  1. I like the way you handled religion in the future. My writing partner and I decided to have diverse groups. Some considered Mother Nature to be in charge, some retained the old faith of the Lord, and several contacted the Highest (a multi-religious creator) in their hour of trial.

    • That’s fascinating! RotP is actually High Fantasy, so I was really given the freedom to do whatever I wanted… I did have an idea floating around for a novel set in the future where religion was obsolete and those who practiced any kind were ostracized…

      Thanks for stopping by!

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