D is for Dog

“Mommy!” A plaintive voice rose from behind the sleek, modern style couch.

“Yes, Sweetie?” The child’s distracted mother replied, not even looking up from the obviously scintillating legal documents lying on her lap.

“I wanna puppy…”

“No, Sweetie.”

“But I asked Daddy! And he said yes!” The mother ran a hand through her already tousled hair.

“I know, sweetie, but Daddy and I don’t always agree on everything.”

“But can I have one at his house?”

“That’s up to him. But remember, you’ll be spending most of your time here.” The mother sighed, before adding “hopefully” under her breath.


This started as D is for Dog and ended as D is for Divorce… Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “D is for Dog

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