April A-Z: A

Why is it that a single letter can mean so much? Jeremy glared at the packet held in his hands, hesitating before opening it. He knew that the materials held inside would help determine his future. If he got the grade he needed, and felt he deserved, then all would be well. Anything less, now that was a completely different story.

He glanced around his shabby apartment, taking in the threadbare couch and stained, neon orange carpet, searching for some means of procrastination. His eyes alighted on the stack of dirty, flower-patterned dishes, a gift from his mom, which were nearly spilling out of the sink. Tossing the packet on the pile of papers already littering his desk, he hurried over to the sink to attempt some uncharacteristic cleaning. As he progressed through his task, every so often his eyes would drift back towards the packet before being firmly redirected at his chore.

Eventually, he exhausted his collection of chipped plates and Jeremy began the search again. Just as he was about to head back to his room to begin organizing his laundry, a task that had not been attempted for weeks, a knock sounded at the door. He opened it to find his best friend, Ethan, leaning casually against the door frame.

“Hey, man!” Ethan said while simultaneously pushing the fashionably styled hair away from his eyes.

“Hey.” Jeremy replied, in no mood for coherent conversation. He let his friend in, before moving towards the fridge. “Drink?” The monosyllabic exchange continued.

“Nah, man.” Ethan collapsed onto the couch, kicking off his sneakers and placing his feet on the coffee-less coffee table. “Dude, I just want to you know, that I’m here for you, no matter what it says.”

“You open yours?” Jeremy joined Ethan on the couch.

“Yeah.” This time it was Ethan’s turn to be monosyllabic.


Ethan patted his back pocket. “You don’t get to see mine until you’ve seen your own.”

“Really, dude?” Ethan’s raised eyebrow was the only response necessary. Jeremy hefted himself off the couch and fetched the packet. Opening it, he read aloud. “Jeremy Mason, Senior, Class of 2012. English Literature 97.8. Advanced Mathematics–”

“Seriously, dude? Skip ahead to the good stuff!”

“Fine. Overall score, A.” Jeremy let out a sigh of relief, once again amazed at the effect that a


Hey all! It’s April and I’m doing the A-Z Challenge! I did in fact write this piece yesterday, but my computer was not being very cooperative… Enjoy!



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