Lightning Storm: The Task

“Maris!” AJ looked up, hearing the sharp tones of her captain echoing through the halls of the precinct. She sprang up from her desk immediately and hurried over to his office.

“Yessir?” She enquired, entering the room. Noticing the room’s other occupant, she greeted him with a nod. Her friend and mentor, Lou Fields, reciprocated the gesture.

“I’ve just had one of the patrol cars call in a homicide. I do believe that your job description says something about them.” Theodore James’ normally stern voice held a modicum of morbid humor, the kind that only those who had dealings with death on a daily basis would be able to understand.

“Yessir.” AJ remained by the entrance to the room, ready to begin her work, but curiosity as to her friend’s presence halted her progress out the door. “Lou?” Her voice held the unasked question.

“I’ve decided to retire.” Lou announced, his voice quiet and uncertain. He glanced at AJ tentatively, waiting to see how she would react.

AJ shifted a well-practiced mask of indifference, tempered by a hint of kindness, over her face, effectively hiding any misgivings she felt about the loss of Lou. “So you’re finally doing it? Congratulations, Lou. Let’s talk later. I have a murder to solve! Captain.” She nodded in her superior’s direction and headed out the door.


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