Friday Flash: Introduction to RotP

Here’s the introduction to The Rise of the Phoenix. It’s a super rough draft, so beware! I’ll be finishing the book during March and sending out queries over the summer. Any feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!

“In a time of trial, when men slay each other without remorse, one shall come to walk above the rest. This Promised One shall have power that was never seen before, and shall use this power to promote a goodness that all should strive for. Much like a phoenix, she will be born out of the ashes of a long gone culture to create a new, whole world, free from tyranny and strife.” 

When shadows fall across a land filled with happy people, the wise ones know to be worried. Leopold of Garon was considered the wisest of the wise, and consequently, he was the most worried. He consulted all of the books he had in his vast library and contacted fellow elders by the fastest means possible, trying to find the cause and solution to the mysterious darkness.

He searched for days, finding nothing. The darkness remained. He, and his associates, turned to the scrolls they all had hidden in their personal collections. These were the prophecies of old, the ones that were merely whispers of ink on parchment that turned to dust the minute one handled them too roughly. It was here that Leopold found a prophecy from the days of the old tribal wars, wars that wrecked the once peaceful land now called Alinzar.

It was supposedly written by one of the old shamans, mages that were self-taught and traveled with their tribe. When Leopold started to read this particular prophecy, he realized that it would be prudent to copy it first, so that multiple viewings would not damage it. However, dear, old Leopold no longer had the eyesight of his youth, and, whether because of his failing eyesight or his prejudice, he dropped one letter in the transcription, a single ‘s’ that changed the path of that land forever. What was once ‘she’ was now ‘he’ and the esteemed leaders with whom Leopold was acquainted with and who he asked to verify his findings, decided that since the savior of the world was obviously a man, there was no use teaching women the skills to save the world.



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