LOVE: Challenge Response

Here you go! (I did break my own rule a bit… so just know that that’s coming). Also, check out honjiunw‘s response.

“Can you look me in the eye and tell me that you do not feel something for her? Something more that friendship or brotherly affection?” James’ tone was accusatory, the verbal sparring he sought to commence was beneficial to no one in their group.

Cyrus was at a loss for words. On the one hand, he wanted to tell his best friend and half-brother everything, that he dreamt of Juliana and saw her in his waking moments, whether she was there or not. That every time he was faced with a decision, he wondered what she would choose. How her laughter haunted his thoughts and every second of his day-to-day life was spent trying to help her find that free and easy laughter again. On the other hand, he knew that his friend would never look at him the same way. Cyrus knew that his best friend from infancy would feel like he would forever be intruding. Plus, though Juliana and Cyrus were not technically related by blood, James would be forever stuck in the middle, the half-brother to both from either parent. Weighing his options, Cyrus realized that he had no other choice but to tell James his feelings. Even if he could do a good enough job concealing them, James would feel even more betrayed if he found out at a later date. Choosing to not engage his friend in any sort of argument, Cyrus simply stated, “Yes. I believe that I love her.”



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