Happy Valentine’s Day! An Appropriate Writing Challenge

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or as I’m celebrating today, National Singles Awareness Day.

As one who has, up to this point, always celebrated NSAD, I’m strangely romantic… Consequently, as may have guessed already, today’s prompt is love!

Length: Anything greater than or equal to a sentence

Rules: Must focus on lurve 😀 But here’s the twist, you can’t actually use that word, or any other listed for it in the thesaurus.

Got it? Now go!




2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day! An Appropriate Writing Challenge

  1. I’ll try this out. Sounds challenging.

    Because it is Valentines Day today, I feel like today should be the day I should voice my true feelings for you: when I see you, I wish that the butterflies in my stomach will suddenly be wingless. Whenever you say something, I instantly cringe at your mispronunciations and horrible accent. Your hair makes me cover my eyes with my hands, that’s how bright it is. And then we come to your eyes, when I stare at them I get lost in them and I drown in them to a oxygen-less and painful death.

    There you go.

    It’s different. I thought I would write it from the perspective of someone who is in love and doesn’t want to be in love.

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