Dear God… I’m turning into my mother!

  • Obsessively checks blog? Yup
  • Has Tweetdeck open in the background no matter what? Yup
  • Updates nearly everyday? Yup
  • Writes about something fascinating? Yup
  • Keeps personal life separate from online life? Yup
  • Has written a novel and is now blogging about it? Yup- Oh wait, nope… Perhaps despite all the similarities, this fundamental difference differentiates between the two of us…

And now, a post actually about Phoenix….

This past week, I probably wrote a fraction of what I wrote in a day during NaNoWriMo. Frankly, I’m appalled. I can’t make excuses such as “too much school work” or “not enough free time” because I have no more work than I did in November and I have loads of free time! (ahem self, you are writing a blog).

Okay, so in case you haven’t realized, weekend posts don’t really have a set criteria (and yes, this will have to count as yesterdays post). Unlike the other days of the week, which have a set schedule (M: question about writing T: writing challenge posted W: review and post of my response to the question Th: review of some sort F: flash-fiction friday SS: Phoenix updates/anything that suits my fancy) the weekends are pretty free. You’ll see some essays for school, hear complaints about daily life and be witness to self-bask=hing over a lack of novel work… Sounds like fun, right?

If it doesn’t, I’m open to your suggestions!

Oh! And before I forget, here are the stats for Phoenix:

40 Chapters and counting!
52,278 words and counting!
I’m estimating a total of 75,000 words when it’s done which I should finish during my March Break

Until later today,



2 thoughts on “Dear God… I’m turning into my mother!

  1. There are too many people out there are like their mothers. Don’t become them, Eva, the world will not be a nice place to live.
    Then again, I kinda fit that criteria when you think about it…

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