Calling All Fantasy Writers!

Hello fellow authors!

I have a quick question: How do you build your world?

By this, of course, I mean your fantasy world. Do you draw maps? Come up with ridiculous place names? Or do you loosely base locations off of the real world?

If you write high fantasy, is there something that you have in every story (like a unicorn or a purple-headed-bunny-rabbit-eating-troll)?

I want to know it all! Whatever it is, just let me know!



4 thoughts on “Calling All Fantasy Writers!

  1. Not sure that I count as an unpublished writer, but:

    I draw maps when extended scenes call for it. Sometimes I need to visualize things before I describe them for the reader.

    Nowadays, I tend to research word roots in languages relevant to the setting & “evolve” words based on them. For example, going back to Old English to name a race a corrupted version of ‘slayer’.

    I base worlds after the real world too; it gives things a good grounding. 🙂

    I don’t write high fantasy, but I do have recurring fantastic elements. It’s largely because I don’t feel like I’ve gotten enough mileage out of them to toss them out.

    • I’ve never thought of going that far back with the language. Frankly, it’s a brilliant idea!

      When you say that you base worlds after the real world, how true to form is it? For example, I’ve read stories (within the realm of high fantasy) that have similar place names and other that are completely different.

      Personally, I create a new world, but give the people of the different countries and regions traits that are similar to those of regions in the real world. Then, if I’m feeling artistic (which never turns out well) I draw a rough sketch of my world.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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